Skald is a catalyst that helps breathe new life into your firm’s online marketing program, starting with a focused website targeted to your ideal prospects.

Many firms already have the talent to do this for themselves — they just don’t have the time. That’s where Skald comes in. We work side-by-side with your team to help you re-skin, re-engineer, or completely re-develop a lead-generating website built.

We start by helping you vet and polish your positioning strategy, then help bring the strategy to life on digital screens.

A Complete Online Marketing Platform


A Lead-Generating Website

The foundation of online marketing success is a strategic marketing hub; your website. Your website should not only show off your expertise, but should also be a personalized user experience for prospects to find the information they need and find useful.

Successful websites are more about "them,” not "you". We help you plan and implement messaging, dynamic personalized user content, and lead capturing funnels.


A Focused Content Marketing Platform

To attract traffic to the website, we’ll advise you on the development of a content marketing program. The types of content, the choices of digital channels, the frequency of content creation, and the allocation of resources, all need to be planned and considered prior to the website going live.

The idea is to develop momentum and real, accountable, content creation responsibility, so that your firm’s team has adopted it as part of their company culture.

We help you figure out the hard stuff and create a game plan so you have the tools to keep your online marketing program  moving forward.


Lead Optimization Through Analytics

To help ensure success, we help you set goals refine your online marketing strategy based on clear insights of your marketing data.

We not only measure what sections generate the most clicks, or what newsletter campaign is most popular, but we analyze how those factors are translating to your marketing success.


Skald is led by Desmond Williams, a career marketing and digital development professional, having led online marketing programs and website development initiatives for notable companies such as Ignition Consulting Group and Newfangled. 

For agencies and other types of professional services firms, Desmond has applied his expertise in the areas of content strategy, web development, marketing automation, and digital asset creation and implementation.

Desmond also co-founded Thought Legion, a consortium of the brightest minds in the agency consulting world, brought together as presenters for a series of insightful live and on-demand webinars.


Michael Hsu believes that knowledge transforms lives. In 2009, he started DeepSky | Entrepreneur's Accounting Department to help entrepreneurs turn dreams and goals into measurable numbers to act from.

Since 2009, Michael has been recognized among his peers (both accountant and entrepreneurs alike) as one of the most innovative pioneers in the outsourced accounting space. Michael was the youngest person to be invited to AICPA's Executive Roundtable in 2014. He had written for, been featured in, and quoted in media such as Inc, Forbes, Inc., ThoughtLegion, Accounting Today, AIGA workshops, etc.

At Skald, his expertise is analyzing key financial metrics related to digital marketing efforts, and then using that data to create strategies for agencies to ensure they are on a successful path.

Interested in a conversation? We'll help you with your digital initiatives and provide the extra boost to help make things happen.