While it might be true that we are a fresh, up and coming outfit, our team's collective experience allows us to hit the ground running.

Take a look at a selected project, Kitestring Visuals.


Kitestring Visuals

Kitestring Visuals is an impressive agency. We'd say that even if they weren't a client. If you can dream it, they can create it. They are masters of CGI, VR, photography, set creation, you name it.

They recently rebranded and we had the pleasure to work with them to create their new website.

Skald also works on behalf of agencies to develop websites and marketing initiatives for their clients. In this context, we work closely with agencies though prototyping, design choices, and overall structure, which finalizes in implementation by Skald.

We can work behind the scenes to help with an agency's client project, and if there is something we can't help with, chances are we know someone who can.

We worked with a design partner to develop the information architecture, user-flow, and ultimately implementation of the website for their client, Ascent. Ascent needed a website that showcased their immense catalogue of experience, as well as their positioning as "Utah's Green Builder".

Nush Foods is a new company that not only needed the foundation to both promote their product and their brand, but also deliver the goods (Literally. They needed e-commerce). This is another project that we worked on behalf of, and in collaboration with an outside design agency.

As a client, or working on your behalf, we feel invested in your agency's success. We like to think of ourselves as being your long-term digital business partner.

Whether it's a quick call for advice on a new digital service, or you'd like our opinion on a recently published content piece, we're here to make sure you stay the course.